Fine Art Fit Figure Friday!

Yet again this is coming out on Saturday, but fear not I will fix that in the next week or so! I’ve got to get in some writing time on different days etc! Besides this time I’m only a liiiiiitttle late…..Anyways, this weeks Fine Art Fit Figure?!

Raphaels Study of Michelangelos David

I think the picture says it all on this one! This is Raphael’s Drawing of Michelangelo’s David. A few of you might recognize the rear end of the man here…and that’s because he happens to be quite a famous statue! Michelangelo’s statue David has long been heralded as not only an incredible piece of art but also as a profound lesson in proportions and the male figure. This drawing, however, was done by a completely different artist! Raphael, an incredible artist in his own right, along with many other painters of the time studied the works of the masters around him and that included learning from legendary painters such as Michelangelo. Many artists greatly influence one another and here you have a classic case of one artist studying another artist work.

You also have one of the finest butts ever freed from a block of stone.

A couple little factoids about the artist Raphael:

  • Raphael lost both parents at the age of 11 yet continued running his fathers art studio until he was 17 and received his first big commission for the church of St. Agostino.
  • He became heavily influenced and enthralled in the works of Michelangelo and DaVinci during his first trip to Florence in 1504.
  • Despite the fact that he gathered a group of artist apprentices beneath him in a workshop of sorts to both learn and contribute to his paintings, no one could quite master the understanding Raphael had for organizing large scale paintings with large numbers of people and their many positions and gestures.

Aside from our lovely painter of the week, what cannot be ignored is the fact that this picture completely tied in with what I’m getting ready to do! WELCOME TO THE SQUAT CHALLENGE! That’s right, Hakuna Masquatta, it’s time to get down and work that booty! David most certainly did! While the post tonight may be short it’s important because that butt is fantastic.
Really though, it’s important because squats are such an incredible exercise to really jump start your fitness. Why? Because working the large muscles in your legs and butt does so much more than just make you look great in those jeans! When you squat you’re also promoting a boost in metabolism, improves circulation which helps banish cellulite, and helps build muscle throughout your body without putting much strain on the back. And there are so many variations of the squat that you can even target certain areas of your legs and add weight to increase difficulty! It’s a building block for exercise that can be done anywhere with little to no equipment, and it helps you all around to feel good and get that butt lookin great!

I have a little challenge group going on Facebook for the squat challenge (if anyone is interested shoot me a message I can get you all set up to start with us!), it’s always more fun to do these sorts of things in groups to really encourage one another and push each other to continually do our best no matter how tired or busy we may be. Plus I think it’s so awesome to see the before and after pictures when we all really throw ourselves into it!

Do any of you have challenges you’ve set for yourself? Something specific like the Squat Challenge? I’d love to hear what you’ve all got going on and what your thoughts are!

For now I’m off to bed! I have to prepare for the intense soreness to come. It’s gonna hurt so good! I’ll be back on Monday with some more updates AND pictures of how that yoga challenge I set for myself is going! You thought I forgot didn’t you! Well nope, I have been taking video of myself trying to master that Crow Pose and eventually I’m going to get it! Just like eventually I’m going to figure out how to edit my danged Yoga Painting video! It’ll be a week of fun, fitness, and artsy flair! Stay tuned!

Have a great weekend!

Interested in learning more about Raphael? Check out this source!


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